Alina Orlova presented unique record of her concert with orchestra

“Alina Orlova: Live at Vilnius Picture Gallery” is the name of the concert and the album, which you can now enjoy for free on Spotify

These unique recordings have been waiting for more than 6 years, but such a time period only fuels interest in how Alina’s songs sound, when enriched by the solid experience of the Chamber Orchestra of St. Christopher, and flooded with light of the art gallery.

It all started with the Les Boreales festival in the North French port of Caen. In 2013, the organizers of the festival invited Alina to perform her author’s program together with the regional chamber orchestra of Lower Normandy.

The French liked Alina’s creative line, and required arrangements for the orchestra. The singer turned to the composer Vidmantas Bartulis, who was called a musical poet. He dedicated many valuable works to the theater. “After receiving the scores, we were surprised and delighted with his sensitive, original approach to musical material,” recalls Alina Orlova in the press release.

The concert with an orchestra in Normandy was a huge success and a standing ovation from the audience. There was a wish to share the done work and impressions with the Lithuanian audience as well.

“A year later, we decided to repeat this experience in Vilnius together with Donatas Katkus, director of the Chamber Orchestra of St. Christopher. The concert took place in the Vilnius Picture Gallery, we recorded it and left it “lying”. Six years later we listened to the record. After such a long time, it seemed to us worthy of remembrance and attention” – said Alina, sharing the first song “Sick Rose”, which she created inspired by American director Jim Jarmusch and English poet William Blake.

Today you can already listen to the whole concert on the Internet, which includes such works as “Mėnulis”, “Northern”, “Čia”, “Keleliu”, “Žeme, sukis greitai”, and many other famous songs.

Based on materials from DELFI.LT

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