Laumžirgiai [2022]

New album: LaumžirgiaiIn June 2022 Alina Orlova presented her new album: Laumžirgiai (Dragonflies).

The album has been created together with musicians Adas Gecevičius and Paulius Vaškas.

- The album is slow, minimalistic and atmospheric, with quite a lively, slightly psychedelic sound. There dominate motives of longing and hope, existential and faith questions. I put the best of what I had into the songs – the sharpest feelings, thoughts, metaphors, questions of the last few years. – says Alina Orlova, and adds:

- For a year we worked in the studio with musicians, looking for form and sound of the songs, and what we found, this new musical direction, makes me happy. I think that this album has more of distance and depth than of direct emotional expression, which there was a lot before.

Interestingly, performing this album, Alina first began to use an electric guitar.

Alina Orlova – vocals, keyboards, electric guitar
Paulius Vaškas – electric guitar, arrangements, backing vocals
Adas Gecevičius – drums & other magic, backing vocals

Produced and mixed by Adas Gecevičius


01. Ruduo Tau Tinka
02. Akyse Užges Paryžius
03. Margos Suknelės
04. Laumžirgiai Mėlyni
05. Labas, Ką Tu?
06. I laid Me Down
07. The Garden Of Love
08. Forever In Between
09. Apie Ką Šitas Filmas
10. Bless The Damaged

The album is available on youtube and other music platforms.

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